A running shower with a blue and white curtain - may cause septic backups

3 Tips to Avoid Septic Backups

As a homeowner with a septic system, you already know that the mere thought of septic backups is a nightmare, and you likely want to do everything you can to minimize the potential of one occurring. Dealing with nasty odors, costly repairs, and potentially dangerous contamination are things no homeowner wants to experience. With a

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cleaning products - is bleach septic safe

Is Bleach Septic Safe? Chemical Use Guide for Septic Systems

As a homeowner with a septic system, you may find yourself wondering, “Is bleach septic safe?” You already know that proper maintenance is vital to keeping your system running smoothly. Unlike municipal sewer systems, septic systems require a bit of extra attention to ensure they don’t become clogged or damaged. You know not to flush

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Well Water Safety

Why is Water Safety Important for Septic System Owners?

When you think about your septic system, which likely isn’t very often, water safety may not be the first thing that comes to mind. You worry about making sure your system is working well enough to keep messy and disruptive backups at bay, whether you remembered to make appointments for routine inspections, and if the

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Waukesha Septic Services

Waukesha Septic Services: Inspections, Maintenance, and Repair

While a municipal sewer system is par for the course inside city limits, living just a bit off the beaten path often means on-site wastewater treatment via a septic system. Though self-managed systems have a finite lifespan, it’s important to remember lifespan can be dramatically increased with regular maintenance and good household habits. Inspections, repair,

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Holding Tank Problems

3 Common Holding Tank Problems

With the current housing climate being what it is, many people are moving into newly purchased houses in more rural areas to escape the extremely high costs of living in urban centers. For many of these newly minted homeowners, this is their very first experience living with and being responsible for an on-site sewage system.

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First Time Home Buyer

First Time Home Buyers Guide To Septic Systems

If you’re a first time home buyer in the current housing market, you already know the landscape is wild, unexpected, and difficult to navigate. But, for the record, first-time buyers aren’t the only ones finding themselves bewildered by the process; even seasoned real estate pros are scrambling to understand a historically complicated housing market. The

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Drain Field

Guide to Preventing Drain Field Problems

Whether you’re buying a home with a septic tank for the first time or you’ve lived in one all your life, it’s not uncommon to have questions about how your septic system works. These questions can quickly become more pressing, however, when you have obvious trouble with your drain field or other components of your

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