A running shower with a blue and white curtain - may cause septic backups

3 Tips to Avoid Septic Backups

As a homeowner with a septic system, you already know that the mere thought of septic backups is a nightmare, and you likely want to do everything you can to minimize the potential of one occurring. Dealing with nasty odors, costly repairs, and potentially dangerous contamination are things no homeowner wants to experience. With a

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cleaning products - is bleach septic safe

Is Bleach Septic Safe? Chemical Use Guide for Septic Systems

As a homeowner with a septic system, you may find yourself wondering, “Is bleach septic safe?” You already know that proper maintenance is vital to keeping your system running smoothly. Unlike municipal sewer systems, septic systems require a bit of extra attention to ensure they don’t become clogged or damaged. You know not to flush

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