Waukesha Septic Services: Inspections, Maintenance, and Repair

Waukesha Septic Services

While a municipal sewer system is par for the course inside city limits, living just a bit off the beaten path often means on-site wastewater treatment via a septic system. Though self-managed systems have a finite lifespan, it’s important to remember lifespan can be dramatically increased with regular maintenance and good household habits. Inspections, repair, and maintenance are part of the deal when you aren’t tied to a city sewer system, but they’re not just guidelines in Waukesha. Septic services are a must-have for homeowners with on-site systems under county ordinance; read on to learn more about why.

Reasons Why You Just Can’t Skip Waukesha Septic Services

Legally speaking, Waukesha septic services are required every three years. This allows the septic system expert of your choice to remove collected solids from the holding tank and inspect the system to ensure proper, safe operation. In accordance with county law, property owners with septic systems are notified via mail to obtain an inspection. Once completed, your Waukesha septic services professional will update the county record to keep you in good standing. Under ideal circumstances, you won’t worry about your septic system again until it’s time for another routine inspection.

Legalities aside, having your system inspected every three years is still a good idea. The alternative is running the risk of a septic system backup, which is an experience you want to avoid at all costs. Even if you adhere to a strict set of water usage rules, such as never flushing anything but waste and septic-safe toilet paper down the toilet and minimizing oils or greases going down the drain, your system is still underground. It isn’t immediately visible, and there aren’t always warning signs of a failing system until a backup occurs. Inspections give you a heads-up about any potential trouble, giving you a chance to head it off at the pass. 

Additives or No Additives: What Waukesha Septic Services Experts Say

With a vast array of products on the market claiming to all but save failing septic systems and eliminate the need for pumping, it’s important to know many are not recommended. While some additives can be beneficial under some circumstances, others can do far more harm than good. 

You don’t want to experience a sewer backup, but you definitely don’t want to spend money on preventative measures that could cause one. Look for those with the Wisconsin State Department of Commerce seal of approval to be sure the product you’ve purchased has been proven not to affect groundwater quality or soil hydraulic conductivity. 

Still, it’s a good idea to ask your septic service provider for recommendations regarding additives once they’ve seen your system and understand your needs.

Simplifying Waukesha Septic Services Once and For All

You can’t see your septic system, and when it’s working properly, there’s a good chance you’re not thinking about it at all. Notifications from the county can be a helpful reminder it’s time to arrange for Waukesha septic services not just for the sake of the law but for the sake of your quality of life. 

Routine inspections can help you avoid potentially catastrophic costs in the form of a system failure, but they can also give you the peace of mind you need to know your system is working as intended. Working with a Waukesha septic services provider you know and trust for these required routine maintenance tasks also means should trouble arise, someone familiar with your system can help. If you’re looking for the perfect service partner to help you keep your septic system in peak condition, Sunset Septic is here to help.

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