Septic System

Are Septic Systems Eco-Friendly?

Septic Systems have not only revolutionized the way we treat our waste, but also our impact on the environment. Many people may not realize this, but septic systems that are properly maintained are doing good beyond their homes. Whether you live in a city or rural community, septic tanks are good for the environment as

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Septic System vs Sewer System

Septic System vs Sewer System: Pros and Cons

There are two basic types of plumbing systems that are commonly used for homes: septic system vs. sewer system. Sewer systems allow waste to travel from the home and into a public sewer, while septic systems are designed to treat waste inside a concrete holding tank. Although these two systems are very similar in design

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Septic System Backups

What You Need To Know About Septic System Backups

How often do you think about your septic system? Probably not very often, but you always hope it’s working without any issues. But, what happens if it does break or fail? Septic system backups are not only unpleasant but can be dangerous.  Septic systems are buried underground and are designed to collect and treat sewage

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maintaining a septic system

Do’s and Don’ts for Maintaining a Septic System

Homebuying today is a different beast than just a few years ago. Historically high demand and low inventory have created an incredibly hot market, and a huge uptick in remote work has buyers considering homes farther from city centers. Unfortunately, giving up the hustle and bustle of the city for the quiet privacy of less

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buying a home with a septic system

3 Things You Need to Know About Buying a Home with a Septic System

Today’s real estate market is beyond hot, with far more prospective buyers on the hunt than homes available for purchase. Such a strong seller’s market means buyers can often find themselves considering properties they might not consider under other circumstances, especially in more rural locations. Living a bit off the beaten path means more privacy

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understanding your septic system

Understanding Your Septic System & How it Works

Understanding your septic system can feel overwhelming if you’ve never lived with one before. The last thing you want is to get your home’s waste management system wrong and dealing with a self-contained system can be intimidating if you only have experience with a municipal sewer. Fortunately, once you have a handle on the basics,

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septic tank maintenance

When is Septic Tank Maintenance Needed?

Living outside the city limits means you have a bit more privacy, and a bit more room to stretch out, but it also tends to mean you’re out of range for municipal sewer connections. While it can seem intimidating to the uninitiated, septic tank maintenance is relatively simple, and straightforward. Following a few simple guidelines

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septic system care

5 Tips for Septic System Care

Septic System Care can be easy if you follow these steps. There are lots of ways living in the thick of the city is different from living a bit off the beaten path; waste management is one of them. When you trade the bustle of the city for the quiet privacy of more rural living,

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Buying a House with a Septic System

Pros and Cons of Buying a House with a Septic System

The real estate market is historically tight, with far fewer available homes than would-be buyers in many areas. In the throes of a seller’s market, you may find yourself looking farther out of metropolitan areas than you initially intended. With extra privacy and quiet often comes a lack of city sewer access, though. If you’re

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septic system

Things You Need to Know About Selling Your Home with a Septic System

You’ve enjoyed the peace and quiet that comes with living outside the hustle and bustle of town, but that privacy often means being too far from a municipal sewer system. A septic system provides a self-contained waste management solution that is not dependent on sewer access for about one in five properties. These systems are

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