Are Septic Systems Eco-Friendly?

Septic System

Septic Systems have not only revolutionized the way we treat our waste, but also our impact on the environment. Many people may not realize this, but septic systems that are properly maintained are doing good beyond their homes. Whether you live in a city or rural community, septic tanks are good for the environment as a whole. 

The Process

Septic systems are an eco-friendly way to treat waste. They are fairly self-sustaining (if maintained properly) for wastewater treatment and disposal. Unlike some commercial waste treatment plants that potentially use harsh chemicals, septic tanks have a natural cleaning process. 

When you use the bathroom, the waste is broken down by healthy bacteria, making it less harmful while avoiding the use of chemicals and environmental contamination. The entire process is contained in underground tanks that are separated into leach fields, where the liquid wastewater is slowly released into a drain field. The treated effluent (liquid wastewater) is then slowly released into soil that treats, cleanses, and discharges it into groundwater. 

The process is quite sustainable and doesn’t need any guidance from the homeowners. The prevention of wastewater being spread throughout the ground or around our communities is essential protection from disease or illness that spread through contaminated water or soil. Furthermore, the benefits don’t stop at human health!

Environmental Benefits

Outside of septic tanks helping to prevent sewage from harming us humans, they have plenty of environmental benefits as well. 

  • They can help protect coastal and marine ecosystems from contamination 
  • They can help reduce air pollution 
  • There are no harsh chemicals involved in the process 
  • Their parts are durable, making the process cost-effective & eco-friendly 
  • Their underground installation means more room for trees or plants 
  • Some soil water may be converted into phosphorus-rich fertilizers 

The Takeaway: Septic Systems are Environmentally Friendly

There are many benefits to a septic system making it an all-around environmentally friendly choice. Keep in mind, that in order for a septic system to remain eco-friendly and reap all these benefits, it has to be properly maintained. You should have your septic system inspected every three years. 

That is why Sunset Septic is here to help. Their knowledgeable technicians will come and provide routine inspections to ensure all parts of the septic system are safe. Contact them today!

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