Why You Should Have The Septic System Inspected Before You Buy a House

septic system inspected

Having a septic system inspected is probably not your first thought when you are purchasing a home. Think about this though. You are walking through a home you’re ready to make an offer on, and everything seems perfect. Of course, you know you should have the home itself inspected before making an offer, but sometimes what you can’t see is just as important.

For example, homes without access to municipal sewer systems rely on septic systems to manage waste. Maintained properly, they can work silently and effectively for years before they require attention. Without having a septic system inspected, though, you have no real way of knowing whether the system is in good condition or if it will wreak hvac on your finances once you move in.

What Can Go Wrong When You Skip Having the Septic System Inspected

The real estate market is hot, with people making offers far above asking price and even making purchases sight-unseen from other areas of the country. However, with so much competition and historically low home inventory, it can be tempting to opt-out of anything that can delay closing the deal. 

Skipping having the septic system inspected can have far-reaching, expensive and unpleasant problems. A septic tank holds waste underground on your property, so it’s important for it to be working properly from the moment you purchase your new home. 

Septic system malfunctions aren’t just expensive to address; they can also expose your family to very real health risks. Whether it backs up through the lines into your home or seeps into the ground, the contents of a full tank must go somewhere. No matter where it ends up, an overflowing septic tank is a disaster; this is especially true when you’re just getting settled in a brand new home.

What To Expect When You Have A Septic System Inspected

Experienced, knowledgeable professionals are the only people qualified to conduct a septic system inspection. In some cases, an inspector may suspect trouble and test the soil surrounding the tank to check for contamination.

You want all your surprises in your new home to be pleasant ones; septic tank surprises are never pleasant. If you are ready to make an offer on the home of your dreams and need to secure a quality septic system inspection, Sunset Septic can help. Contact us today!

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