Septic System 101

septic system

You’ve found the perfect home, maybe a bit off the beaten path but with plenty of privacy. Chances are that your dream home has a septic system if it’s outside municipal limits. Unfortunately, city sewer service often fails to extend beyond the city limits, so a bit of Septic System 101 will go a long way towards demystifying this misunderstood waste management system.

Septic System 101: What is a Septic System, and What Should You Know About Them?

City dwellings connected to city sewer systems mean homeowners rarely (if ever!) think about where their waste ends up when the drains empty and the toilets flush. Because a septic system does require a bit of knowledge and attention from time to time, it can be daunting to would-be buyers or new homeowners unfamiliar with how everything works. Fortunately, a well-maintained system is relatively simple and straightforward to manage. 

A septic system processes all the sewage waste produced by your household, filtering water and allowing solids to fall to the bottom of the tank. Any water remaining is further filtered by the ground soil of the absorption field.

Occasionally, the tank can become filled and will require pumping; no major stress if you’ve been keeping up with maintenance. If you’ve ignored your septic system and its unique needs compared to city sewer service, however, you could learn about a filled tank the hard way. In extreme circumstances, waste can back up through drains and toilets in your home, flooding surrounding areas with raw sewage. 

For this reason, local laws require you to have your system serviced or inspected every three years, at minimum.

What if My Septic System Has Never Had a Problem?

If you’ve never run into trouble with your septic system, it likely means you’ve been diligent about septic treatments to facilitate the breakdown of solid waste. Still, some solids simply cannot be broken down and will only accumulate over time, meaning your run of good luck could come to a screeching, shuddering unsanitary halt. 

You want to keep your system humming right along, and preventative maintenance paired with regular inspections is the way to make that happen. 

If you’re moving into a new home with a septic system or just realizing yours has gone a bit neglected over the last couple of years, Sunset Septic can help. Want to simplify the process even further? Consider a septic service plan for stress-free legal compliance and happy flushing all year long.

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